Property Management Pre-Application

The Real Estate Lady Property Management Pre-Application For Renting a Home

Thank you for your interest in a Real Estate Lady Property. I hope you will find my professional approach to doing business an enjoyable experience. Please answer the following questions carefully and completely. Incomplete applications will NOT be processed.

    *Name (first/last)



    *List address of property you are applying for

    *Where are you living now? (apartment, duplex, house and in what city/state)

    *When do you plan on occupying this rental?

    *Why are you looking for a new place to rent?

    *Are you in a lease?

    *If yes, when does it end?
    (If no is selected, please enter N/A)

    *Tell me about your family-who will be occupying the property beside yourself?

    *Do you have any pets?

    What kind of pet(s)? (dog/cat)

    How many pets?

    What breed? (dog/cat)

    What is the approximate weight of the pet? (dog/cat)

    Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixed breeds are specifically prohibited. Please be advised that there is a $800 additional deposit per pet. Pets are subject to the approval of the property owner.

    *Will you be able to provide all of the required funds when you sign the lease as required per the Criteria for Renting Home when you sign the lease?

    Funds required at time of lease signing: security deposit/utility deposit/pet deposit/ any other required deposits/first months' rent prorated as to the date of occupancy.

    *List any questions or specific requirements you might have

    *Explain any extenuating circumstances that might appear of your credit report

    Upon review and approval of your Pre-Application, you will be contacted for an appointment to view the home and if interested obtain the website link in order to apply for tenancy which includes credit, employment, criminal, background, former residence. Applications are processed by a professional tenant screening company.

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